Surabaya – Bromo – Ijen – Surabaya Tour

Surabaya – Bromo – Ijen – Surabaya Tour 


Surabaya – Bromo – Ijen – Surabaya Tour is 3 Days 2 Nights Java Tour Packages. Start From Surabaya as Meeting Point , Traveller can start from Yogyakarta and take a train or Flight.

Bromo Tour From Surabaya, This Program will be combine with madakaripura Waterfall, Highest Waterfall on East Java.  We advice arrive in the morning , so you can more explore the area on Day 1.

On the last Day on the way Back to Surabaya After Ijen Tour. We will stop on Kalipait Waterfall , Kalipait which literally meant a bitter stream. The green water in the stream came from the sulphuric crater lake of Mt. Ijen as the stream was located on Ijen mountain slope.


Surabaya – Bromo – Ijen – Surabaya Tour , Program & Litenary :

Days 1 :

–  Our Staff will Pick up From Surabaya Airport or Surabaya Train Station

– 5 Hours Driving go to Bromo Village area

– Visit Madakaripura Waterfall

– Explore Madakaripura Waterfall

– Stay on Hotel Bromo Village Area

– Take a Rest For Sunrise Program Bromo

Days 2 : Bromo Sunrise Program

– 02.00am our Staff will Pick You up By Jeep 4 Wheels

– Bring Jacket the temperature on the top around 8 degrees celcius

– Remember your number jeep, will be lot of jeep parking

– Go To mountain Kingkong Hill point for sunrise view

– Start Hiking Kingkong Hill point

– See Sunrise , see caldera of semeru tengger

– Back down go to jeep

– The jeep Go to Bromo crater

– Cross the sea sands Bromo

– See Mount Batok

– See Hindu Temple

– Arrive in Bromo crater

– Start Hiking Bromo up 250 Stairs

– See Panorama of Bromo Crater

– See Panorama of Caldera

– Back Down go to Jeep

– The jeep will Back to Your Hotel

– Breakfast , Prepare go to Ijen Crater- Banyuwangi area

– 5 – 6 hours driving go to Banyuwangi

– Take a rest on pasir putih Beach / Lunch

– Car Depart to Banyuwangi again

– Arrive on Banyuwangi

– Stay on Ketapang Indah Hotel

– Free Program

– Take a rest for blue fire program and sunrise program

Day 3 : 00.15am – Ijen Blue Fire Program

– Our Staff will pick you up at your Hotel go to paltuding area

– Prepare Check out Breakfast in the box , we will directly to surabaya after Ijen Tour

– 1 Hours driving go to paltuding area

– Prepare and start Hiking 3 Km with Your local Guide Mr. Arief Ex Miner

– Your Gasmask and Torch Light already at your Guide

– See Blue Fire Phenomena ,

– See activities the miners

– Go to Down the Crater to close Of Blue Flames

– Waiting sunrise

– Free Program : You can take short coffee or tea

– See Sunrise

– See Raung volcano view with tosca lake of Ijen crater

– Back down To paltuding area

– Prepare go to surabaya

– 7 – 8 Hours Driving to Surabaya

– 17.00 arrive on surabaya airport

– End Tours


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